5 Tenant Background Check Tools for Beginning Landlords

5 Tenant Background Check Tools for Beginning Landlords

Did you know that, on average, background checks take between 24-72 hours? There's a common misconception that background checks come from one source, but more thorough ones require multiple databases and can take up to a week.

Tenant background checks are essential for landlords to trust the person renting from them. Keep reading, and we will guide you through five tenant background check tools for beginning landlords.

1. RentPrep

When it comes to tenant background check software, you may want to consider multiple options. HomeRiver Group Honolulu can help walk you through how to choose the best one.

We're going to start with RentPrep, a community-based tenant screening software. The solution does a tenant assessment, credit check, income verification, and background screening.

They are known for having a fast turnaround and live customer service, plus a Facebook support group for tenants.

2. SmartMove

SmartMove will help you get a 15% better eviction prediction than just looking at someone's credit score. You can get your tenant's credit, criminal record, past evictions, and Income Insights report, all in minutes.

They are here to help you make a confident decision when you're looking to rent an apartment, condominium, or home.

3. First Advantage

First Advantage uses the most up-to-date public resources and top databases. It has dependable customer service, which makes them a leading choice for mitigating risk when you're trying to do background checks for tenants.

When it comes to how to check tenant information, they are looking to automate screening to help property managers, owners, or leasing agents run these checks with ease.

4. E-Renter

E-Renter will give you the best price for landlord background checks, which can be hard to come by with all the new technology. They have different packages, including Basic, Ultimate, and Premium memberships.

There are landlord and property manager accounts, catered depending on who you are. You get more information on your tenant based on the package you pay for, and they provide expert customer service.

5. RentPage

RentPage has advanced tenant background check technology that allows for great insights, flexibility, and confidence in who you are letting rent your place. Using their software has reduced evictions by over 50% and reduced debt by about $39 per month.

They use AI (Artificial Intelligence) screening to not only look at your tenant's credit score but to evaluate the willingness of the pool of candidates that will pay and look at data to see who is the most willing to stay up to date with rent every month.

Tenant Background Check Software

Now that you know the different software you can use for a tenant background check, you can find the right one for you and your budget. Background checks are essential so you can prevent evictions and avoid general tenant issues.

Many software options include RentPrep, SmartMove, First Advantage, E-Renter, and RentPage. These will help you make tenant background checks quick, easy, and cost-efficient.

HomeRiver Group Honolulu is a property management company that is here to help you with all of your tenant needs. Check out our tenant services today.

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